My Skills

Hi,I am Ikram Hossain Abir Before you.

I worked some project on SEO locally under some professional SEO expert an internet marketing professional.I revived a certificate on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Course (Advanced) which is renowned and established by few successful online professional.I worked with them in some real project and learned many things.I also worked on some project of mine and other business.My seo knowledge is concentrating with many area which is highlighted below.

Keyword Research:I consider this task as single most important and try do it precisely.I have some workflow method and technique which is unique.

Competitor  Analysis:For any kind of business this part is important to reach on the goal and sustainability.For your web business you have to measure strengths and weakness of your competitor as well as SWOT analysis.This assumption and calculation depends on some precise factor which i follow to do competitor analysis.

On site optimization:To boost up your business engine friendliness of your site is mandatory. Having your site accessible to search engines enables search engines to discover what content is on your website and user satisfaction.I work with  sites whole-over seo architecture.

Link Building:Now a days link building strategy become controversial for small chunk of link builder and Google algorithm contradiction behavior.I don’t work with spamy lonk buikding process rather than natural link building process.Link building is an art. It is also consider as the most challenging part of an SEO’s job, but also the one most critical to success.

Social Bookmarking:Social media becomes a key tool in attracting a large number of incoming  links in these days.For this field i usually do guest blog posting,directory submission, social networks using site like- facebook,twitter,pinterest ect.


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