Keyword Research

In my whole seo  experience i have applied several keyword research method and learned best practice form some of SEO GURU which i will describe through this post briefly so that u can get the idea of my work process.I also described  the overview of keyword research method and my own thought.

So What is  Keyword Research and Why

I am sure all of know better from me.In Briefly i have to say,finding the most profitable  and most importantly low competitive  niche from millions of  seed keyword that suits your business.

In my point of view the main objective of keyword research is mainly three.I will be elaborating main purpose and process through out the post.

  • Target market and Traffic
  • Profit Calculation
  •  Competition Analysis

Long tail keywords for your Niche

Long tail keywords are the longer, more specific keywords that are less common and tends to get traffic that make high conversion.Moreover long tail also less competitive and actual customer driven.For your niche its important to figure out most profitable long tail keyword and that’s where my expertise lies.

Brainstorm for keyword

Seed keyword needs to elaborate for every possible related Long Tail keyword. Any single tool is not enough for collecting every potential valuable keyword. So i used some method for this and filter it with Google Adward at last.

By following this steps you can also find new idea for business.

  1. I Use my sense.Look around myself,shopping list,magazine,or blog about my niche
  2. Search it to Google  and follow related result.Use related search or * parameter is good tricks.
  3. is another great tools that i found useful for gathering random keyword suggestion and use them for further process.
  4. Modifying keyword with different types of keyword action word and other category.Like-‘ buy android apps for alien’ or  ‘summer android apps for alien’ (seasonal) and many others.
  5. I am big fan of it personally.It will provide most of required info and valuable keyword information by filtering.
  6. I also useWordtracker free suggestion tool and SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
  7.  also gives some useful suggestion according to your search
  8. I sometimes use Google trend and instant. gives me idea whats going on around hot.
  9. and  also gives thousand of seed keyword idea and people are actually buying.You can use it for your target market also.

Now you need to save all keyword suggestion on word document and save it for  further use.

Filtering Keyword 

After collecting all the suggested keyword its time filter them.Drooping weak one putting potential one is main purpose of filtering that is very easy using adward especially.

  1. Satisfactory number of searcher. That means minimum search volume.
  2. Highly competitive keyword should be avoided because it will difficult to ranking and time consuming.

For doing i usally use because its easy to use.Now copy these keyword suggestion and paste some to keyword tools box.Now for filtering some step have to take that is following.

  1. I try to use broad match type cz it gives me correct data
  2. Advance option and filter is useful when I need no drop weak keyword .Here is the screen shot of it.Now all set up and press search button to go.
  3. Suppose you want to avoid low search global under 2000 ,local 1500 ,approximate cpc under $1 and you want high competitive keyword and local region at US.Then
  4. Google adward on use
    screen shot of adword
  5. Finally You will get all the keyword that meets your requirement and all are profitable and meet all the criteria.
  6. Now mark them all and save as CSV file.You can delete or add column  before download.Now need to move next step.

Target market and Traffic

You cant target the whole big term like -“android” because its not specific and very broad term.Or you cant also select ‘android apps for alien’ that’s not making sense at all.What i am trying to say is we should select target market which contains following ability.

  1. target market should have demand
  2. target market must have the ability to provide money for you and meet profit criteria.
  3. target market should be achievable, easy accessible, low competitive and not time consuming

Profit Calculation

For instance you are planing for some niche site that is mainly for adsense.Some info You might know;

  • Top 1st position will get 42% CTR,
  • Average CTR for adsense may nim 5- 10 %  even more (Appr)
  • Google pays 60% of CPC

Estimating Keyword Income

1) Multiply the Estimated Avg CPC by .60– We are presuming Google pays average 60% of CPC

2) Then multiply this amount by the monthly search volume

3) Multiply the amount by .42 (Top 1st position will get 42% CTR, )

4) Finally we multiply the running figure by .07 (Average CTR for adsense may nim 7- 10 %)

Competition Analysis

As a seo professional ;I hardly believe that most of the small and medium business fail for this.I wrote a complete guide line and my strategy about competitor analysis over here.

Why competitor analysis is important

Competitor analysis help you to  know competitors strength and weakness and answer the following question.

  1. Is is possible to demote them and grab the 1st ranking?
  2. How much time it will take?
  3. How much effort  it will take to compete ?with them.

Factors of competitor analysis

I pointed out some vital issue here and described lot more about this in another post. Here is a sample competitor analysis for just an overview.

my competitor analysis sample

my competitor analysis sample


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