Blog Commenting

Nowadays spammy link builder polluted blog commenting art  and harmed link builders reputation as well.However, if done properly, blog commenting can be a perfectly consider as strong source of that is capable of getting you some serious traffic.

Now I am going to show you a sample and very brief strategy how I do the whole process of blog commenting and some own example and link also.

First I select a list of high PR blog that allow comment. But how; fortunately its very easy steps that i am disclosing here.

I need some tools to collect the perfect list  of high PR blog or sites and some technique that i am describing following.

  1. At first Open
  2. Then I go to search setting and increase the result for per page 10 to 100 to show one page

    showing 100 result

    showing 100 result

  3. .Then I use  add-on for Firefox to sort the page rank and save it in .CSV
  4. Then I use some parameter to search for Google which will help to find relevant result.                                     RELEVANT blogs that allow comments
    KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress”
    KEYWORDS “powered by blogger”
    KEYWORDS “leave a comment”
    KEYWORDS “reply to post”
    KEYWORDS “leave comment”
    RELEVANT blogs that allow comments with keywords as anchor text
    KEYWORDS “this site uses keywordluv”
    KEYWORDS “this site uses commentluv”
    How to Find .edu sites that allow comments
    KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress”
    KEYWORDS “leave a comment”
    KEYWORDS “reply to post”
  5. Sometimes i search with OR parameter and blog search to find the result
  6. Once we find the 100 result, then I sort it by high page rank which can be done by SEOQUAKE or excell too.
  7. Then save this to CSV file and finally we got the top PR blog to comment and then I select the most relevant some and make the blog comment.

Here is some example of my blog commenting and you will find it relevant,result oriented and useful for hiring me.

Example No :1  Post link  6 Brilliant Content Sources – To Get the Right Blog Content | Blog Godown

In this post author described 6 online marketplace for hiring content writer.So my comment like this.

blog commenting

Example:2 Post Link:Keyword Research – Online marketers need to do keyword research

Author illustrated some technique of keyword research with paid tools on hubpage.I have a post like this.My comment goes below.

Blog commentingExample:3 Post Link:Quick Info On What Keyword Research Is And How It Is Done

This writer demonstrated an overview of keyword research.So my comment looks like below.

blog commentong


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