Guidelines For Writing SEO Friendly Content That I Prefer And Why


You will need to make sure that the content is interesting and adds value to the readers, instead of just stopping it short with overused keywords. Keywords should not stop the content flow.

 Content Relevancy

Make sure that you make use of keywords whilst maintaining the relevancy to your content. Search engines employ a number of methodologies so as to be able to detect content that has been created with the sole purpose to obtain good ranking. Not only will such content become unreadable, but chances are that your website gets blacklisted by search engines.

Keyword Placement

Keyword excessive use may cause keyword stuffing, For Better use of keyword placement it should be use in top few sentence and then maintain keyword density using other phrase keyword.Primary keyword should put on first few sentence.

Keyword Density

It is suggested from many seo expert that minimum 2% keyword density is able to let the google know what is your keyword about.I also try to use phrasal keyword with primary keyword.The total number of keyword i prefer to use is 8-10 for a single 500 word article.And in that portion, I put 5 times primary keyword and 3 times phrasal keyword.

Make Short And Crisp Paragraphs

Users hate reading big blocks of paragraphs. Moreover, chunks of text will make your article look boring. Because of this, they might not even read your post or article completely, which would be a real waste of your time and efforts. The contents will become more readable if the paragraph sizes are restricted within 4 to 5 lines.

Use Bullets And Numbering

Most of your readers are likely to have a short attention span, and they might not be interested in reading the entire content of your article. They would instead prefer skimming through bullet points if they are crisp and concise. Therefore, it would be a good idea to use bullets and numbering whenever possible.

Make Subheadings

Subheadings can be very helpful in directing readers to the precise points that they are interested in. Moreover, you could also use the keywords as subheadings, so that the flow of reading does not get interrupted.

Interactive Presentation

To make the article more interactive I always try to use interactive word sexy word (that I call ;not slang).It can hold readers interest and drive them in more interactive approach. Another tips can be    own involvement like sharing own experience and lot more.

Proper Linking

If you have to hyperlink any of your content to some other page, make sure that you explain the relevancy of that page very clearly. If the page you are linking to is not relevant to what you mention in your content, it would surely annoy the readers. You could lose your credibility with those readers, and that is something which is really difficult to regain.

Avoid Repetitions

Some writers think that they need to reiterate or restate the same information in order to drive the point to the readers. Well, readers are smart enough to understand the information when they read it for the first time. Repetitions might irritate them as they might feel like getting back to square-one even after reading half your article. It is always better to continue with information rather than repeating the same things. You could maybe write your opinion on that point instead of restating it.

10. Proofread Your Write-Up

Unless you have very good typing skills, you are bound to make mistakes while writing. Make sure that you proofread your articles or posts very carefully before publishing them. It would be a good idea to proofread twice to eliminate all the errors in your write-ups.


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