To Do List for Building Niche Websites

Niche Websites vs. General Websites

In general a niche website is much easier to rank for a keyword than a general website with no focus is to rank.  The searcher also is usually more satisfied because they get lots of articles that discuss their query in detail rather than just one article that they get with article directories.  This is another reason why niche sites are so powerful.

  • Find a keyword that receives at least 1,000 exact match searches.  Remember this is MINIMUM – its BETTER to target a keyword that gets 20k or more as long as the competition is still low.  If you can find a keyword that gets 100k Exact match searches per month and still has very low competition then GO FOR IT!  However, the reality is that you will find many more keywords with low competition in the lower search volume range.  You won’t make very much money on a keyword that only get 1,000 searches every month – so keep that in mind.
  • Find a keyword that has an average CPC of $1 or more. This is generally the rule if you plan on monetizing your site with Google Adsense.  If you are using other methods, the CPC might not be as relevant.  You need to find out how you are going to make money with your site and make sure your chosen keywords will allow you to meet those goals.
  • Check the competition by looking at the top 10 results in Google. I will cover how to judge the competition in detail in a future post, but here are a few things you need to look at in the results.  Is the keyword in the Title of the Pages?  Are the results mainly root domains or subpages?  Look for low Pageranks, zero links to the results pages if possible (not the root domain), site age, .edu and .gov links, and a few other items can be looked at as well.
  • Buy an Exact Match Domain if possible.
  • Install WordPress. I use WordPress on all my sites – however, using regular html or other site builders is just fine too.
  • Install plugins – I will give a detailed list and discussion of plugins in the future.
  • Add content to your site. I like to start with between 5 and 10 articles.  When the site starts to make money or shows promise of growth, I will add more content.  If the site is a dud, I don’t add more content.  Usually only 1 article should have your main keyword in the title.  The other articles will be on related terms – don’t overuse your keyword on your site.  A 1 to 2% keyword density is sufficient on your 1 main article.  I might not even use the keyword in the other articles on my site.
  • Insert adsense or other monetization methods. I do this right away.
  • Build links. I usually wait a week or two before I build any links to my site.  Then I will do a combination of article marketing and other link building.  Most of my niche sites have less than 100 links showing in Yahoo site explorer.  So, don’t go overboard.  Start with 50 to 100 links and then wait a few weeks.  Build more if needed.  Use your chosen keyword as anchor text for added relevance.
  • Add More Content if needed. If your website is ranking well and you are making good money, add more articles.
  • Optimize your site for CTR and overall earnings

My Overall Strategy

My personal strategy is to enter a market where I feel like I can rank in the top 10 of Google (top 5 preferred) very quickly (within a couple of months).  Therefore, I tend to target keywords that typically get lower search volume but also have very low competition.  Keywords that receive small amounts of searches each month are called “Long Tail Keywords”.

However, the long tail keywords will bring in MUCH more traffic.  I expect to create 200 pages of content all targeting a new keyword that gets between 200 to 500 searches per month.  So, lets take an average search volume of 350 searches per month on those long tails.


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